Advancing Authentic Leadership

Empowering potential;
building confidence


This is me

  • I have a deep rooted fundamental belief in the ability of all people to succeed and achieve further than they imagine possible

  • As a coach-mentor I give over my time to others to empower their potential and bolster their confidence to grow and succeed way beyond their time with me.

  • I work with individuals and teams in a results orientated approach to improve performance and entrench new improved ways of working

  • Calm and approachable I help people engage with, and come alive to, their own unique purpose enabling their true authentic leadership to shine, amplifying their strategic vision and influence

  • Partnering with market leading expertise challenges me to continually develop my skills and insight, through active participation in the latest thought leadership and market trends.





Working one-to-one I specialise in assisting people to transition into leadership and Executive Leadership roles, building personal influence and self-confidence.  My clients describe my style as calm and perceptive, with the ability to balance support along with the insightful challenge, sharpening their thinking and raising their understanding of how to perform at their authentic best.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Women in Leadership

  • Team Coach-Mentoring

  • Executive and Business Coach-Mentoring

  • Transition Coaching and Career Development

  • Change and Business Transformation


Advancing High Performance Teams

  • Together we make a difference – clarity of the change needed to deliver on our purpose

  • This team works like magic - embrace creative tension to resolve problems and uncover great solutions

  • We have the right conversations when it matters, and when it doesn’t - collaborate effortlessly inside and outside the team

  • Proud of the difference we make and the transformation we deliver – exceeds stakeholders expectations

  • I feel like I belong and can be myself – more creative and innovative decision making

  • I am challenged and stretched in my thinking – engage and value team members



Developing Great Women Leaders

  • Be the best version of myself I can be – enabling authentic leadership

  • Increased self-belief in who I am and what I can achieve - reach full potential

  • Being more deliberate and clearly able to articulate where I need to be –  think bigger

  • Overcome my fears to ‘own the space’ with conviction – influence when and where it matters

  • Confidence to step up with assurance and present my position – take ownership and get results

  • Advocate on behalf of others to make things happen – generate followership

  • Pride in what I do and how I am able to achieve it - act as a role model for others

How I can help

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Jackie Elliott is the author of the 

'Coaching the Team' chapter Coaching and Mentoring: Practical Techniques for Developing Learning and Performance (3rd Edition). 

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